Apollo Bay Camp

The most difficult thing about being on camp was not being aloud to stay in our rooms. Just because on that week the YHA was full of people staying. So we had to be quite when we where in our rooms for just a little bit of time. The best dinner that we had would have to be on the 1st night when we had a BBQ. I keep on coming back for more because it was so good. I will always remember when we did surfing and I got up on the broad and got a wave. The funniest part on the camp was just a couple of us kids and all of the teachers just sitting down talking about farting. The interesting thing about staying in a YHA is that is that they close the front office during the day and them don’t reopen at 5:00 in the afternoon. I was happy to get home because I was sick and tried of being on a bus for four hours. I also just wanted to go and sleep in my bed.

The winter’s Tale

The production is based on the book the winter’s tale by Shakespeare.  Rosemary and Carolyn were the directors of the whole production. They took little bits form out of the book to make the play. The characters in the play were Leontes, Perdita, Florizel, Polixenes, Mamillius, Archidamus, Mopsa, Cleomenes, Dion, Paulina, Dorcas, Camillo, Autolycus, Shepherd, Clown, Antigonus, Emilia, Hermione. These characters were all played by 8 years and up to year 12. This is a little bit of information about the story. ‘Winter and summer have never mixed but this is the worst case yet.   Winter has a heart of ice cold enough to freeze anything summer has a hot ferocity one that can melt anything in its path Put them together and what do you get? You get a winters tale of coarse!’ I think the highlight of the production this year was the costumes. They were so much better this year. They had a whole lot more colour in them. I thinkit could have be improved by having a better CD player. The people who worked behind the scenes were the makeup people, the people who put the microphones on the people, the people who controlled the lights and the people who made the costumes.


Escape from Worryville

On the 13 of september my school watched a play about anxiety and depression. At the end of the play when Hahuna (one of the characters) was talking to the doctor about one of his friends. And how he thinks that he is trying to hurt him self because of his depression. The doctor then hands Hahuna a kids helpline card to give to his friend.

This is what the card looked like a little bit.

My Goals


I would like to get a ‘B’ in maths on my report.
I would like to get better at my time tables in maths as well.
I would love to get better at my swimming but I can only do that at the start and sometimes at the end of the year.
I would also like to get better at my reading for English.


To do my best at school so i can go out and find a job later in life.

My science class

The thing I like the best in my science class this year was doing water test, tree banning, looking though microscopes and seeing all of these cool thing’s that you would be able to see with a nacked eye and learing about space and what you would need to survive on other planets.