Year 10 Work Experience

For my year 10 work experience I was working with preps (little kids on there first year of school). My work experience was a week long. It started on the 17th of march and went to 21st of march. I was in with the preps being a primary class helper.

The jobs I did with them were

  • I would read books to them.
  • Walk around and help them with there work.
  • Look after a little grop of kids while the teacher was working with some more kids.
  • I would go over and watch them do there dancing and sport.
  • With there sport I helped the teacher set up the corses.
  • I also at a couple of points during the week I was told to teach the class.
  • On the last I also vontereed to look after the kids during ressec and lunch time because it was raining and they all had to stay inside.

I would recommend this type of work to some who likes to with younger children.

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