Malaus Linkups – Year 9/10

On the 11th of February our year 9/10 ICT class did a Skype call with a class in Malasia. We introduecd ourselfs by telling them our names, our ages and what year we were in. We also did a Blackborad Collabate Virtual Classroom. with this tool we could talk to them in the chat box and ask them questions that we wanted to know, we could also put a question up on the Blackborad and type or draw our asnwer on.

Three things I learnt was:

. How they say hello in there different languages.

. We found out what there favourite subjects were.

. We also found out what sport they like to play.

The only thing I found was hard about the Blackborad was that you couldn’t really tell if you were talking to a boy or girl in the chat box. Also that with drawing on the Blackborad people drew over the top of everyone elses drawings.

One question I still have for them would be: Would you ever like to linkup again using these tools (Skype and Blackborad Collabate Virtual Classroom)?

I would like to do this again because you can talk to other people from other places.




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