Skyping with Siberia, Russia

On the 7th of february a small group of students from our school linked up a class in Siberia, Russia. We talked out the sports we play here amd what sports they play there. We showed them a Cricket Bat and a AFL Ball. We showed them the Australia flag. We compared our school uniform to there school uniform. We talked about the diferent classrooms we have here. The type of classes we have on our time table. What classes we like. What the weather is like there and how it is so much different here. They also sung happy birthday to me and a younger girl. We also taked about our hobbies. As well as what we had in our lunch box that day.

I really liked linking up with this class in Siberia. I would like to do it again. One thing I would like to know is how cold has it got there? And if the school had been snowed in what is the longest time the school was closed for?   Fotor0210152447

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