1st Semester Highlights

My highlights on the 1st semester are that I got to be part of two framing related programs. The 1st one I did was RIST. I learnt a lot of things there. I got showed how to sheer a sheep, how to class wool, the parts of a sheep’s body and much more. You can go to this website to get more info RIST. The 2nd program that I did was taste of dairy. It was pretty much the same style of learning, but with dairy cows. Another highlight is the canoe camp. It is one of the best camps that I have ever gone on. I was hoping to go on the winter camp, but unfortunately the camp didn’t go are head because the class didn’t bring back there notes. One more highlight on this is what we did in ICT. We di QR coding, audacity, photo collages drawings on a computer and making our own avatars. You can see all of my work that I have done in ICT on my blog. The thing I liked the most was the swimming sports. Because I won third place in the 100 meters. I never win anything. I was really happy with my self after withed.

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