year 9 canoe camp

On Tuesday the 19th we year 9s set on a three day journey in canoes. We faced getting lost in the bush at night time for walks, wind powerful to blow tents around, thunder and lighting, boats filling up because of pouring down rain, hot days, getting stuck on low brunches in the water, strong winds that pushed us around on the water and Sam’s snoring that sounded like a dying  cow.    

The first part of our journey was to pack the trailers and hop on the bus. By the time we got to the camp site that we were to start from it was lunch time. After that we got the canoe on the water with us and our paddles and life jackets. It took us a couple of hours to get to the camp we were going to stay at. But we did have a couple of stops along the way. Most of the time we were changing canoes. When we arrived at the camp we unpacked the trailers and set up camp for the night. The boys and teachers were up hill and the girls were down hill near the water.  Once that was all done we started on dinner. My group had just paste with a sauce. When it got a bit darker Hughie told us that we were going out on a night walk. We saw a bit and herd some wildlife on the walk. When we got back it was time for bed. I am pretty sure it was easy for everyone to get to sleep because we were all pretty tried from canoeing.

The next morning everyone got up feeling cold. It was so cold that my cooking group cooked noodles for breakfast just to keep us warm. It was so cold that there was mist on the water. It did look pretty cool. When we cleaned out the inside of our tents and took them down. We got started on the water. When we stopped for lunch Ida and I had to pull up our canoe. Ida kept on screaming and stoping because where we had to was a whole heap of bees. After a while we got up the hill to have lunch. Lunch tasted so good. Who knew sandwiches could taste so good. I had about two sandwiches. I could have had one more that there was nothing left. After lunch we all changed canoe and partners. I was in with Sam. We had one of the faster canoes which made it easy to stay up the front. Sam and I wanted to make it hard for our self’s. So we were going over brunches that had fallen down in the water. There was one that was a little low in the water and Sam and I got stuck. We arrived at the camp. The camp looked so much better than the last. The first thing we did was set up tents. Then Hughie said we could go swimming. We weren’t meant to be swimming so Hughie said we were just testing the life jackets. We then all got out of the water and set up the inside of our tents. We then got stared on dinner was cutting onions at first then I was cutting lettuce and then I was cooking the onions. After all that cutting we then ate. It tastes pretty good. There was some brunt stuff but it still tasted good. When it got dark we all went out for a night walk. It was very scary because Hughie got us lost out in the bush. Hughie said that the walk would be about 30 minutes. It felt like 2 hours. After a while then found the main road. We walked back to our  tents and went to bed. But when everyone just got in to we all herd someone soring. It sounded like a dyeing cow. It then stopped. We all woke up at about 4:30am to wind blowing down our tents. We fixed that and then woke up again to a thunder storm and heavy rain.

In the morning I packed up the inside of the tent and woke up everyone else who was in there with me. When we saw day we got up and had breakfast. We also found out that it was Sam who was soaring. We cleaned up the camp sit and packed the trailer. After that was all done we took down the tents. Ours was really wet. Which was a bit of a downer but that’s was happens when you go camping and it rains. When we got on the water the wind picked up. I got up the front and stayed up there. It started to rain real heavy. So we rafted up and waited for the rest of the other kids. We then went on our own. Then all of a shock there was a loud crack of lighting and thunder. I couldn’t herd the other kids screaming because it was that loud. We kept on going around the corner and saw Hughie on the jetty. We pulled the canoes in soaking wet. All the girls got to go up the hill and get change in to dry clothes while the boys stayed and pack the trailers. When we were all changed and packed the trailers again. We left to go and have lunch in Portland. The wind that day was so strong that it was pushing the bus around. When we arrived back at school we told to unpack the trailer. Tayla and I had to put the photos on the computers. That took the whole time the others were unpacking. I think all I can say is that this camp was really good for the first two day and not the last one.       

This kangaroo had a moustache.

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