Apollo Bay Camp

The most difficult thing about being on camp was not being aloud to stay in our rooms. Just because on that week the YHA was full of people staying. So we had to be quite when we where in our rooms for just a little bit of time. The best dinner that we had would have to be on the 1st night when we had a BBQ. I keep on coming back for more because it was so good. I will always remember when we did surfing and I got up on the broad and got a wave. The funniest part on the camp was just a couple of us kids and all of the teachers just sitting down talking about farting. The interesting thing about staying in a YHA is that is that they close the front office during the day and them don’t reopen at 5:00 in the afternoon. I was happy to get home because I was sick and tried of being on a bus for four hours. I also just wanted to go and sleep in my bed.

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  1. Great work Sophie – thanks for sharing your thoughts about the camp. How did you get on with the students from Apollo Bay? Did you enjoy surfing or kayaking more? I look forward to seeing an image added to this post when we have access to Ms Regan’s photos.

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