The winter’s Tale

The production is based on the book the winter’s tale by Shakespeare.  Rosemary and Carolyn were the directors of the whole production. They took little bits form out of the book to make the play. The characters in the play were Leontes, Perdita, Florizel, Polixenes, Mamillius, Archidamus, Mopsa, Cleomenes, Dion, Paulina, Dorcas, Camillo, Autolycus, Shepherd, Clown, Antigonus, Emilia, Hermione. These characters were all played by 8 years and up to year 12. This is a little bit of information about the story. ‘Winter and summer have never mixed but this is the worst case yet.   Winter has a heart of ice cold enough to freeze anything summer has a hot ferocity one that can melt anything in its path Put them together and what do you get? You get a winters tale of coarse!’ I think the highlight of the production this year was the costumes. They were so much better this year. They had a whole lot more colour in them. I thinkit could have be improved by having a better CD player. The people who worked behind the scenes were the makeup people, the people who put the microphones on the people, the people who controlled the lights and the people who made the costumes.


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