The Worm!

Arrr a nice warm bed to sleep in. oh no i forgot to get my slime to put on my bed. the next thing i know i hear something at the front hole. i get the baseball bat and took it with me, i slowly went around the wall of drit and then. arrr!!

a big slim ball hits me in the face as i watch in horror as more slime balls comme out over the hill and hit the house ,then the slime starts to eat away at the walls. i get up and exploed out the door, i fall into a hole in the ground that is full of slime YUK. i scramble to the egde and pull myself up to see three naked mole rats scattaring into the distance.

the three naked mole rats come running at me then jumped and started attacking my face ”oh no” i said as they attacked me. i get a large bundle of slime and put it all over them. they fell straight off my face into a pile of yukky green slime. i ran as fast as i could. but then they appered from the slime and started running after me with slime falling from their faces ”YUK” i screamed.

the slime had tured them into mutant super naked mole rats. i rcaclud into my back worm pocket and got out a peice of cheese which i keep for situation like this. i throw the cheese into a tocic puddle of slime. the naked mutant super mole rats follwed the cheese into sertan DOOM! i headed home. when i got home got into a nice slimy wet worm bed.

this story i did with 4 of my class mates.

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