Year 7 Biodiversity Project

Year 7 biodiversity project. These are just some qusetion that my teacher asked me to do.

1. Why do scientists classify organisms into groups and how do they do this? 1. They use a dichotomous key to classify things in to groups. They put them in to groups so they no there species or what they are. 2. Why is it important to identify living organisms and give them a unique name? 2. They need to identify them so they can put them into a group and they also give them names so they can tell what they are. The names are also good for telling if they are in right group as well. 3. Give one example each of the services, products and social benefits of biodiversity. 3. Services  are like animals that help you like dog’s. They help you see or even help you on the fram. Products is like meat or fish because you can eat is. If it is something like meat and you can eat it then it is a producted. There social benefits  are like when they stay with you so say if it was a dog then it would be called a guide dog because it is staying with you. 4. Tell me what you learnt about doing the animal project. What did you enjoy or dislike about the project? What was the most difficult part? What could you have done better? 4. I learnt things about a red panda that I didn’t know about. I liked looking for the facts because I was also learning at the same time. I didn’t like cutting out the info and then sticking it on. I found it hard to find the info ebcause sometimes you couldn’t find the right info about the animal. I could of made it a bit nicer looking and done it in my own words. 5. Why are even annoying pests like flies and mosquitoes important in our environment? 5. Because sometimes they can help the envirnment. Some pests eat a way dead things that could smell.

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