Year 10 Work Experience

For my year 10 work experience I was working with preps (little kids on there first year of school). My work experience was a week long. It started on the 17th of march and went to 21st of march. I was in with the preps being a primary class helper.

The jobs I did with them were

  • I would read books to them.
  • Walk around and help them with there work.
  • Look after a little grop of kids while the teacher was working with some more kids.
  • I would go over and watch them do there dancing and sport.
  • With there sport I helped the teacher set up the corses.
  • I also at a couple of points during the week I was told to teach the class.
  • On the last I also vontereed to look after the kids during ressec and lunch time because it was raining and they all had to stay inside.

I would recommend this type of work to some who likes to with younger children.

Read Aloud Day Skype Link Up

On the 4th of March our year year 9-10 ICT class did a Skype link up with a younger class at Tipperary Station School varmints read aloud day book untitledin the Northern Territory in Australia. We were put into groups of two. We then found a book to read to these younger students. The book my group read was called Varmints. This book was done by Helen Ward and Marc Craste. When we did link up with them they said hello to us and we said hello back. They also read a book to us. They read the book that they liked the most that week. The that they read was Click Clack Moo Cows That Type. This book was done by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin.


students listening




Making Funny Faces

funny facesTo make my funny faces I first went to a new power ponit. I then inserted a cricle in the middle of the page and changed the colour of it too. I also changed the colour of the background. When I did that I whent to the snipping tool and snipped the cricle and some of the background. I then went to pizap and uploaded my cricle. From there on I made my faces. After my faces were done I snipped each one of them and put them in to a panorama using a tool called Irfan View. I then inserted them into a blog post so all you could see it.

Making a CD Cover

fairchild, forget to live copyThe way I did this:

. I went to Wikipedia and hit the random article on the side bar and got a random name.

. I then went to Quotations Page and hit random quotas on the side bar and got the end of a random quota.

. I than went to Compfight and search up The Fair and got a photo I liked.

. I then put that photo in photoshop and edited it. To make it into a CD cover I liked.

. I then saved it on to my blog so everyone could see what I have done.

Malaus Linkups – Year 9/10

On the 11th of February our year 9/10 ICT class did a Skype call with a class in Malasia. We introduecd ourselfs by telling them our names, our ages and what year we were in. We also did a Blackborad Collabate Virtual Classroom. with this tool we could talk to them in the chat box and ask them questions that we wanted to know, we could also put a question up on the Blackborad and type or draw our asnwer on.

Three things I learnt was:

. How they say hello in there different languages.

. We found out what there favourite subjects were.

. We also found out what sport they like to play.

The only thing I found was hard about the Blackborad was that you couldn’t really tell if you were talking to a boy or girl in the chat box. Also that with drawing on the Blackborad people drew over the top of everyone elses drawings.

One question I still have for them would be: Would you ever like to linkup again using these tools (Skype and Blackborad Collabate Virtual Classroom)?

I would like to do this again because you can talk to other people from other places.




Skyping with Siberia, Russia

On the 7th of february a small group of students from our school linked up a class in Siberia, Russia. We talked out the sports we play here amd what sports they play there. We showed them a Cricket Bat and a AFL Ball. We showed them the Australia flag. We compared our school uniform to there school uniform. We talked about the diferent classrooms we have here. The type of classes we have on our time table. What classes we like. What the weather is like there and how it is so much different here. They also sung happy birthday to me and a younger girl. We also taked about our hobbies. As well as what we had in our lunch box that day.

I really liked linking up with this class in Siberia. I would like to do it again. One thing I would like to know is how cold has it got there? And if the school had been snowed in what is the longest time the school was closed for?   Fotor0210152447